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West Midtown

Planted Soul 's reputation and success is dependent upon our belief in people. We can only provide food that reaches the soul if we first provide love in every dish. we must be innovative and compelling in our beliefs that our food is not only better but healthier. We believe that our commitment to healthier eating will yield an overall health in other aspects of our guests' lives. Our community can only be as strong as our healthiest individual. People shouldn't have to choose between what tastes good and living a healthy lifestyle. The following are the core fundamental values that bring shape to both our realistic and idealistic goals.

Planted Soul 

800 Forrest St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

We are so excited to introduce this in Atlanta. I think it’s fresh, unique and exciting. The whole idea stems from wanting to satisfy this four-year craving I’ve had since becoming vegan for a traditional hibachi meal.  I think that’s something all vegans can relate to, and I know this will be something everyone will enjoy. Our mission is simple: To make healthier food that has minimal impact on the environment. And that includes eco-friendly packaging. And we’ll do all this in a way that doesn’t sacrifice taste, because food is made to be enjoyed.

Hippie Hibachi 

1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Ste 130 Atlanta, GA 30318

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