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When I decided to transition to plant-based lifestyle, the one thing I missed was ice cream. Oh sure, there were non-dairy options available, but they just didn't taste very good. I decided it was time to create something that was both dairy-free AND palatable. I sat down and tried to imagine the perfect concoction, "What would provide a nice rich base and blend well with other flavors?", I asked myself. Well, after a bit of mulling, I put together what I thought might work and VIOLA, I had the perfect vegan ice cream. In fact, that's why I decided to name the company "First Batch", the very first batch was perfection, and we haven't changed the recipe. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, we look forward to serving you.


First Batch Foods

3781 Presidential Parkway


Atlanta, GA 30340

My plant-based journey started in the fall of 2015, attributable to spirituel teachings of self-love and moral behavior. I needed to make certain sacrifices to obtain the goal of living a healthy life. I made up my mind from that day forward, that I would stay committed on my journey as well as, help others in need of change to a healthier lifestyle! I provide customers with the “Tree of Life” by creating authentic alkaline cuisine designed to be appetizing and nourishing for the body. Through meal preps and daily meals Vegan King intends to change the idea of healthy food. 

  Solomon Obadiah Israel.

Alkaline King Pizza

3795 Presidential Parkway FP-10
Atlanta, 30340, US